The Ecoflex E Pave System provides a Reinforced Pavement Design suitable for Heavy
Traffic whilst maintaining structural integrity in Wet Sub-Grade Conditions.

Benefits of the E Pave System:

* Strong flexible Units provide a long product life
* Suitable for CBR sub-grades of less than 3% - reduces excavation in sensitive areas
* Remains trafficable under saturated conditions
* Reduced compaction - reduced machinery time
* Ecoflex provides full design - confidence in using and specifying Ecoflex products
* Lightweight - the Units are easily handled by two men
* Ecoflex Units can be used in temporary structures with materials able to be re-used
* Large cost savings over traditional construction methods
* Re-use of an under utilised resource
* Environmentally friendly - reduces land fill options
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Piling Platform, Tully Qld
E Pave through swampland, Williamtown NSW